Splurge-Worthy Delta H2Okinetic® In2ition Showerhead

Trust me, you will not want to get out of the shower anytime soon when you try the new Delta H2Okinetic® In2ition Showerhead! Thanks so much to Delta for sending me one to try out!

Why You Should Splurge on the Delta H2Okinetic® In2ition Showerhead

Oh, how I envy all of my single gal friends or those who’re married and have yet to have a household of little ones. I know everyone is busy with life, work, etc., but lately it seems like I’m just plain run into the ground with juggling my roles as domestic woman, wife and mother. I’m constantly running around the house completing chores, going to and from town to run errands, making sure my little ones needs are met and making time to give my husband the attention he deserves after a long day. It seems like that with all of this there’s hardly time for the much needed “me time” and some days it really takes a toll.

Every once in awhile I’ll get all of my errands taken care of, the house presentable, dinner done, kids bathed and in bed and I’ll get that time to myself but it’s pretty rare. Of course, when it does happen I’m on cloud 9. One of my favorite things to do, and I know a lot of mamas share the same opinion, is to either run a nice hot bath or simply stall in the shower and let the hot water wash away the grime of the day and relieve the pent up stress from my sore muscles. I’ve always loved showers but as a busy mama of some energetic little ones, they’re few and far between so I savor them when I get the chance to indulge in one that isn’t 10 minutes or less.

When the opportunity to partner with Delta was offered to me I was excited. I’ve never heard a bad thing about the company and have used Delta products in our home for years, so, I was more than happy to accept the offer. They sent me one of their H20kinetic® In2ition with MagnaTite shower heads for review.

Talk about luxurious. With a price tag of $200, there’s no doubt it’s a bit pricey but after having used it on several different occasions I can say that it’s worth every penny. It’s water efficient so you don’t have to worry about waste and comes with 5 different settings you can choose from so you can choose one that fits your needs/comfort level.

The 5 settings include:

  • Fully Body Spray
  • Pause
  • Massaging Spray
  • H2Okinetic Spray

As much as I love this shower head and its features for myself I also love using it for my little ones. It comes with a 60-82″ stretchable hose which makes bath time so much easier than having to trust them to use the shower alone or the old go-to of pouring cups of water over them to wash the soap of or out of their hair. The stretchable hose is also great if you have pets and like to bath them inside, especially if you live in a cold area and the weather prevents from bathing them outdoors.

My family and I have moved on more than one occasion so having to install or reinstall parts or in this case, shower heads, is something we’re very familiar with. We’re also pretty picky about our shower heads and it’s hard to find one that we like. The H2Okinetic is fast becoming one of favorites, especially since installation was such a breeze. Many shower heads we’ve tried came with cumbersome hardware and were a hassle to install but the Delta H2Okinetic was incredibly easy and installed in less than 5 minutes! It took an extra minute because my husband sealed the shower faucet with some teflon tape, for an extra tight seal.

Easy Install Delta H2Okinetic® In2ition Showerhead Installation

To learn more about Delta and their products you can visit them online or become a fan of their social media sites like FacebookTwitterPinterestInstagram, and Youtube.