St. Patrick’s Day Homemade Napkin Rings

Who wouldn’t love a little luck of the Irish on their dinner table? When you make these easy and inexpensive St. Patrick’s Day homemade napkin rings, you can have exactly that! Made from just a few simple household ingredients, these napkin rings are fun to make as well as frugal. Take a look below at how to craft your own. You can make these in just minutes!

St. Patty's Napkin Rings Craft

DIY St. Patrick’s Day Napkin Rings Tutorial:

Supplies needed:
* Cardboard tube (toilet paper tube or paper towel tube is perfect)
* Green construction paper or St. Patrick’s Day themed craft paper
* St. Patrick’s Day foam shapes or glitter foam
* Scissors
* Glue

We were able to find the St. Patrick’s Day themed paper at our local craft store for around .25 cents a sheet. One sheet goes a long way! We also found the green glitter foam at our local dollar store. You can use sheets of glitter foam to cut your shapes OR buy premade shapes at a craft store. Do what is easiest for you!

1. Begin by cutting the cardboard roll into two inch sections.
2. Start wrapping the cardboard roll in the craft paper. Secure it to the roll with glue and cut it to fit so there is not any extra paper hanging off of it.
3. Cut a strip of craft paper that is in an alternating color. This way, the strip will stand out against the paper you just used. Wrap the strip around the rings and secure with glue.
4. Embellish the napkins rings with the glitter foam or pre cut shapes of your choice. We made simple circles we cut out of glitter foam and applied them with glue.

Now all you need to do is roll your napkins up and place them inside of the napkin rings. Talk about sweet, simple, and inexpensive! Give this frugal craft a try today!