St. Patrick’s Day “Pinch Protector” Corsage Craft

St. Patrick’s Day "Pinch Protector" Corsage

Who wants to get pinched for not wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day? I don’t! So protect yourself with this easy and inexpensive St. Patrick’s Day Pinch Protector Corsage! Those may be a lot of words and hard to say all at once, but this is one St. Patrick’s Day craft that isn’t hard to make at all. Take a peek below at how to make your own St. Patrick’s Day Pinch Protector Corsage so you can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in (safe) style!

Supplies needed:
Green silk flowers
Green ribbon

We found all of the supplies we used for this project at our local dollar store. They have a huge selection of silk green flowers to pick from, so find one that you like and go from there!

1. Begin by snipping the bloom from the stem. You won’t need the stem later so may discard them.
2. Add a generous amount of glue to the bottom of the stem. Press the bloom to the length ribbon. Hold it there until dry.
3. Take the ends of your ribbon and tie them into a bow.
4. When you are ready to use your corsage, simply tie it around your wrist and tie it snuggly into a knot or bow. It will look like a traditional wrist corsage giving you a fun and festive pop of St. Patrick’s Day color!

See how easy it can be to protect yourself from getting pinched? This would be a fun craft top make with a classroom of kids or even to make and pass out at the office. Gather your supplies and give this easy St. Patrick’s DIY project a try!