How Switching from Paper to Cloth Can Save You Money

How Switching from Paper to Cloth Can Save You Money

How Switching from Paper to Cloth Can Save You Money


How Switching from Paper to Cloth Can Save You Money – these simple tips and tricks can save you hundreds a year!

You may have heard all of the buzz lately about people switching from paper to cloth products in their home. It is no secret that by making this change in your own home, you can surely save some cash. Perhaps you have been hesitant to make this switch, or just downright scared. Well no worries, because the good news is you can make this switch in small ways around your home that add up to big savings. Take a look below at how to get started.

1. Comb through your kitchen.
Begin in the kitchen, which is where you may use the most paper products. Look the items you can eliminate, such as paper napkins and paper towels. Instead, buy some cloth napkins at your local dollar store as well as cloth dish towels, or see the selection for cheap here. Suppose you spend $5 a month on napkins and $5 a month on paper towels. Spend that $10 instead on cloth alternatives and you will have enough to last you at least 6 months. That’s a $50 savings!

2. Be brave in the bathroom.
Eliminate paper tissues and instead opt for hankies. This is often considered an old fashion notion, but it is a quite practical one. I spotted some cute women’s hankies here! Keep a clean hankie in your purse or pocket to use when the sniffles arise, allowing you to cut back on the cost of tissues. Eliminating toilet paper can be quite scary, but the truth is people are giving it a try! Those making the switch advise cutting square portions of flannel fabric and leaving them in a basket near the toilet. A covered trash can also next to the toilet is perfect for disposing the cloths after use so they can be washed. If you spend $5 a month on toilet paper and $3 a month on tissue, that’s a savings of almost $100 per year.

3. Keep scrap fabric on hand.
Keep rags and scrap fabric on hand for other needs that arise such as cleaning. Having these materials on hand are perfect for when you dust, clean the floors, have nasty spills, etc. Don’t toss those old t-shirts and damaged clothing items. Instead, cut them into squares and use them for these needs.

See how easy it can be to save money when you switch from paper to cloth? While it may feel funny at first, you won’t feel funny when you see the savings add up. Give these tips a try!

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