10 Best Teacher Appreciation Week Gifts

Welcome to our list of the best Teacher Appreciation Week gifts!

Teachers are the real MVPs when it comes to shaping young minds outside of the home. In fact, that’s why there’s an entire week devoted to these unsung heroes — and yet it’s still not enough. However, to try to celebrate the things they do we’ve rounded up a carefully curated selection of the best Teacher Appreciation Week gifts

This list includes:

  •    Funny Teacher Appreciation Week gifts
  •    Sentimental Teacher Appreciation Week gifts
  •    Personalized Teacher Appreciation Week gifts

So without further ado, pick out the perfect gift to celebrate the teachers who have made a difference in their students’ lives!


Best Teacher Appreciation Week Gifts

  1. Teacher Life Tumbler
  2. Teacher Life Tumbler

    This Teacher Life Tumbler will make an excellent gift for the dedicated teachers in your life! Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week with a gift that’s personalized and sure to be appreciated. The insulated tumbler features a colorful rainbow pattern and inspiring “Teacher Life” saying, while the fun "Teacher Nutrition Facts" label adds a humorous touch. Perfect for parents, students, and anyone looking to thank their educators during Valentine's Day, birthdays, or any special event. With this sweet tumbler designed just for teachers, you'll be sure to show your admiration and appreciation for the noble profession of teaching!

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  3. Teacher Appreciation Bracelet
  4. Teacher Appreciation Bracelet

    Show your gratitude for your favorite teacher this Teacher Appreciation Week with this beautiful Teacher Appreciation Bracelet. Featuring a small, delicate apple adorned with AAA+ grade cubic zirconia crystals, this bracelet is the perfect way to show your admiration and appreciation for all the things they have done. Not only is it a beautiful reminder of love and wisdom, but the bracelet is also made of natural stone beads that activate the mind and give courage and success. With its high quality, stretchy cord crafted to last forever and easy size making it suitable for most women's wrists, the Teacher Appreciation Bracelet is the perfect end of year gift, birthday present, or retirement gesture for all those incredible teachers out there. Let them know how thankful you are by giving them this gentle token of love as a reminder that their hard work does not go unnoticed.

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  5. Shaping Little Minds Mug
  6. Shaping Little Minds Mug

    As the perfect gift to show your appreciation for teachers and educators, this mug proclaims their beauty and significance. The gorgeous and vibrant design is a sight to behold - deep blue sets off a warm heart shaped design, and etched words that read 'Shaping Little Minds' around the mug's circumference. A special Teacher Appreciation Week gift worthy of your beloved educator! This is more than just a simple cup: it's an opportunity to express your gratitude for all the hard work that teachers put in every day. And with its gift box presentation and sophisticated design, you can be sure it will be appreciated. Whether you are shopping for an end-of-year present, start-of-year present or even a milestone birthday party, the Shaping Little Minds Mug is always the perfect pick. It's not just for those who work at a school either – this mug also makes an excellent surprise for babysitters, daycare workers, mothers and mothers-in-law, sisters, sisters-in-law, friends or any other fabulous people who just love their caffeine fix.

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  7. Teacher Appreciation Scented Candles Set
  8. Teacher Appreciation Scented Candles Set

    It's a luxurious set of four natural soy candles, designed with love to treat your favorite teacher to something special. Each candle has a unique and delicate fragrance that will fill their classroom with aroma. These carefully crafted scented candles feature Mediterranean Fig, Lavender, Spring, and Lemon fragrances. All of the candles are composed of 8% pure essential oils and natural soy wax for an unwavering scent that lasts up to 25-30 hours each. That means the entire set has a burn time of up to 120 hours! The bottles also come in aesthetically pleasing round canisters and travel tins. Spread the warmth this Teacher Appreciation Week – give the gift of these memorable scented candles. With their long burn time, natural ingredients, and attentive packaging design, the Teacher Appreciation Scented Candles Set is sure to make any special teacher feel appreciated and loved.

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  9. Student Tears Mug
  10. Student Tears Mug

    Perfect for Teacher Appreciation Week, this fun and practical Student Tears Mug is sure to brighten up the day of any educator. This ceramic mug is both microwave and dishwasher safe, so it’s perfect for use at home or in the classroom. It's available in two sizes, 11 oz and 15 oz, ensuring you can find something suitable for all sizes of coffee — or tea! But what's even better than its functionality is the amusing message that adorns it! Show your favorite teacher your appreciation while also making them chuckle with this one-of-a-kind mug. Make their day brighter with a personal touch that shows them how much you care.

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  11. Personalized Teacher Bracelet
  12. Personalized Teacher Bracelet

    Not only is it a beautiful and subtle way to honor a beloved educator, but you can easily customize it with either Miss or Mrs along with initials. This set of two bracelets contains one bracelet with MRS and initial letter, and another bracelet with a red apple charm. Both are made from a strong elastic cord and the round beads measure 6mm in size with the bracelet length at 6.5 to 7 inches. Not only is this an ideal gift for Teacher Appreciation Week, but it's also perfect for celebrations such as back to school, Christmas, Birthdays, end of school year and Valentine’s Day. And each bracelet comes presented in a beautiful gift card that's nestled inside delicate packaging, ready for giving!

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  13. Succulent Teacher Set
  14. Succulent Teacher Set

    This unique set includes six succulent plants with matching bamboo trays for a splash of greenery and color. Each pot is made from natural soil and heats oven-treated, ensuring reliable quality and allowing each plant to thrive in its designated space. The pot measures 2.2 inches high and 3.11 inches wide, while the tray material is quality bamboo with a size of 8.1 cm/ 3.2 inches wide and 1cm / 0.4 inches high – great for desks and window sills at home or in the office! Plus, these succulents make excellent party favors for weddings or other special occasions making them an all-around excellent gift choice you simply can't go wrong with.

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  15. I Don’t Get Paid Enough Mug
  16. I Don’t Get Paid Enough Mug

    Are you looking for a gift that truly captures the highs and lows of working in Human Resources? Look no further than the I Don't Get Paid Enough To Deal With This Sh*t mug! This hilarious mug comes in durable ceramic with a glossy finish. With its bright, impactful design and vivid print, this mug will last through countless dishwasher and microwave cycles. Available in 11 oz and 15 oz sizes, this would make an excellent gift for HR professionals, managers, and coworkers during Teacher Appreciation Week. So don't hesitate — thank your colleagues with the I Don't Get Paid Enough To Deal With This Sh*t mug today!

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  17. Chakra Stones Bracelet
  18. Chakra Stones Bracelet

    There’s no better way to signal your appreciation for all the mentorship, wise words, and guidance that teachers provide than with a special gift like this. It features 8MM beads, 7 Chakra natural stones and Reiki healing balancing beads, all set on a stretch women bracelet approximately 7.2 inches in length. Not only is it beautiful to look at - each natural stone has been chosen for its special properties to help promote relaxation, spiritual meditation and self-confidence. This thoughtful gift will be sure to have your teacher feeling grateful and cherished - perfect for retirements, graduations and more!

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  19. Teacher Appreciation Gift Set
  20. Teacher Appreciation Gift Set

    Say "thank you" in style with this unique set of gifts tailored to make the teachers in your life feel extra special. The Teacher Apprecation Gift Set includes a bright 11oz mug for their morning coffee or tea, printed with the phrase: "It Takes a Big Heart To Help Shape Little Minds." The look is completed with a beautiful large lavender scented candle and an apple charm keychain that says: "Helping Me Grow." This small but thoughtful gesture by students and parents alike will be sure to remind them of how valued they are each day! So show your teachers some love, and give them something they can always cherish with our Teacher Appreciation Gift Set.

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People Also Ask These Questions About Teacher Appreciation Week Gifts

Q: When is Teacher Appreciation Week?

  • Teacher Appreciation Week is usually celebrated during the first full week of May. However, some schools and districts may opt to celebrate this week at a different time. 

Q: What are some good gift ideas for teachers?

  • Some good gift ideas for teachers include but are not limited to handwritten notes, gift cards, school supplies, monogrammed tote bags, small plants or flowers, framed photos, and anything that feels thoughtful.  

Q: What are some good DIY teacher appreciation gifts?

  • Some good DIY teacher appreciation gift ideas could range from personalized stationary and hand-decorated picture frames to homemade recipe books and DIY certificates. Of course, there are plenty of other great DIY teacher appreciation gifts, but the key is that they feel thoughtful.