Tips for a Quick Party Clean Up With Glad® Bags!

Tips for a Quick Party Clean Up
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My family loves to party! It’s even more fun when the whole family can be involved. Some of my best party moments include New Years Eve with the entire family. We invite everyone over, along with their children, and have a HUGE New Years Eve EXTRAVAGANZA! It’s so fun to watch the kids get excited and amped up for the countdown! We go full out with the festivities, and enjoy every second of it! When we first began throwing these, we’d let the house get totally trashed in the spirit of the holidays, and spend the next day cleaning it all up. Over the years, however, I learned a few tricks when it comes to eliminating messy cleanup from a party.

1) Prepare food with cleanup in mind: Honestly, every party doesn’t need to be fancy when it comes to serving dishes. While certain Holidays may call for a bit fancier setup, keep things simple for the BBQ and appetizer style parties. Serving food in aluminum pan allows for easy cleanup, eliminates a pile-up of dishes, and makes it easy to stack leftovers in the refrigerator.

2) Keep trashcans visible (and have enough): This sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s really not so simple. If your guest are unable to easily find a trash receptacle, they are much more likely to simply leave their trash somewhere else for you to clean up. Same goes for full trash cans. Be sure to have trash cans (or bags) visible and keep them emptied out.

3) Use disposable utensils as often as possible: Disposable utensils are a God send! Use them as much as possible, to avoid having a messy clean up post party. This goes for everything from the plates and eating utensils, down to the tablecloth and napkins.

Remember, when planning a party with cleanup in mind, simple is best! Do you have an easy party cleanup suggestion?