Tips on How to Save Money on Mother’s Day Flowers!

Tips on How to Save Money on Mother's Day Flowers!

Flowers and Mother’s Day go hand in hand. Who doesn’t love receiving a bouquet of fresh blooms from someone they love? This Mother’s Day, don’t break the bank trying to send fresh blooms to your mom. Instead, take a look below at these 7 ways to save on Mother’s Day flowers. You can still give flowers that are beautiful and fresh without paying the high florist shop prices. Take a look!

Tips on How to Save Money on Mother’s Day Flowers!

1. Rethink your floral choices.
Roses are fun, but the prices for them are inflated this time of year. Why not consider another variety that costs less? There are so many colorful choices such as mums, lilies, or carnations that can cost a fraction of the price. Why not consider those?

2. Ditch the vase.
A florist will charge you $10 and up for a vase. Instead, have your bouquet wrapped in colorful paper for free or bring your own vase. You can find gorgeous vases at thrift stores for as low as $1, so find your own and you are sure to save some cash.

3. Consider your location.
Are there any flowers local to your area? If so, those will always cost less than varieties that have to be shipped in. Opt for local flowers (your florist can help you with this if you are unsure) or just try to avoid exotic varieties that are sure to cost more.

4. Deliver them yourself.
Delivery is fun surprise but can cost you as much as an extra $20. Instead, deliver the bouquet yourself or have a friend do it for less. This is a simple way to still get flowers to mom while keeping some cash in your hand.

5. Think outside the bouquet.
Bouquets are fun, but potted plants cost way less. Find a flowering variety and your sweetheart can still get all of the color for less. Plus, potted plants last much longer giving you more bang for your buck.

6. Pick your own.
If you have a garden, or some beautiful flowers blooming wildly in your yard, pick those yourself! Or, while on a drive through the country or outskirts of town, pull over on the side of the road and go picking! And then, follow Step #4 above!

7. Don’t send flowers.
Instead, try sweet treats! Head over to where you score a delicious cookies for as low as $5!

See how easy it is to save on Mother’s Day flowers? This year, give these simple tricks a try!