10 Best Valentine’s Day Printable Games and Activities

Welcome to our list of the best Valentine’s Day printable games and activities!

Ironically, Valentine’s Day usually gets one or two days of love compared to some of the other relatively major holidays. But this year, instead of giving Cupid the short end of the stick, we’ve got a few Valentine’s Day game and activity ideas up our sleeve. 

Whether you’re trying to spice things up with your significant other or celebrate this holiday of love platonically with your friends, there’s a game just for you. In fact, you’ll find them carefully curated for your convenience as you read on. 

This list includes:     

  •   Valentine’s Day printable games for adults
  •   Valentine’s Day printable games for kids
  •   Valentine’s Day printable games for friends
  •   Valentine’s Day printable games for couples

So without further ado, pick out the perfect Valentine’s Day printable games and activities to make this season of love one to remember!


Best Valentine’s Day Printable Games and Activities

  1. Valentine’s Day Printable Games Bundle
  2. Valentine’s Day Printable Games Bundle

    This bundle is full of fun, entertainment and romantic activities, which are perfect for anniversaries, engagements and weddings, too. With 6 games and activities combined, you'll be sure to find entertainment in the spirit of Eros. Simply download and print whatever you need for a night full of good vibes and love. With 'This or That' you can ask each other questions like “would you rather explore a new culture or travel to a beach paradise?” And if your partner isn't much of a trivia expert, no worries - they’ve got it covered! Valentine's Day Trivia will have them swooning over the answers in no time. Add movies and music into the mix by playing Valentine’s Day Movie Quotes and Love Songs using the bundle’s answer keys that come included in your purchase. Challenge each other with their powerful ‘I Love You” game that will help bring out your vulnerability with meaningful conversations! 

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  3. Date Night Game Bundle
  4. Date Night Game Bundle

    That’s why they created the perfect Date Night Game Bundle to make your special day even more magical. This instant download includes 3 fun games that you and your partner can enjoy together. With the Couples Quiz, you can learn more about each other’s thoughts, feelings, and life experiences. Next up is Mind Match which lets you test your knowledge about topics like geography, history, sports, music and movies. Last but not least, capture memories of during the night with the Would You Rather game. Get creative and have a blast on your next date night! Don't forget that this bundle can also be a great addition to any married couples party or low-key get-together with friends.

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  5. Valentine’s Day Word Search
  6. Valentine’s Day Word Search

    Say hello to a fun-filled Valentine's Day when you add Valentine's Day Word Search game cards to your party decorations. Bring the excitement of a race-to-win game to any virtual or traditional Valentines' Day gathering. Keep young and old entertained with these 25 player heart themed game cards printed on cardstock. Each card is designed 5" x 7" for writing ease and is ready to bring the fun of this classic game right to your house or meeting!

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  7. Valentine’s Day Bingo
  8. Valentine’s Day Bingo

    This year, give the gift of love and laughter to your family and friends with this Valentine’s Day Bingo game! With 24 colorful, fun-filled bingo cards, as well as 421 heart-shaped chips and 24 call out cards, enjoy endless hours of fun with the kids in your life! The player cards measure 7”x 5” and can easily be cut along the dotted lines. The most unique aspect of this game is that it adds a really sweet twist to regular bingo, using Valentine-themed characters, symbols, and elements that children are sure to love.

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  9. Valentine’s Day Emoji Pictionary
  10. Valentine’s Day Emoji Pictionary

    It's time to step up your holiday party game with Valentine's Day Emoji Pictionary! This fun and thrilling game is perfect for kids and those young at heart. 25 players can get in on the action to guess Valentine's Day-themed words and phrases illustrated by emojis. With professionally printed semi-gloss cardstock, your guests will love writing their answers down as they play along! There's nothing better than getting everyone together for a special celebration, so why not create an unforgettable event this year? Valentine's Day Emoji Pictionary is sure to bring plenty of laughs. Perfect for all age groups, it'll have your kids enjoying their time with a festive twist.

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  11. All Things Red Party Game
  12. All Things Red Party Game

    This All Things Red Party Game is sure to be the hit of your Valentine's Day party! With 25 player matching game cards, you'll have your guests racing to see who can guess them the fastest. The game cards are printed on cardstock and are 5" x 7" in size for easy writing and decorating. Each card features a heart-themed design with fun red and pink decorations that will help make your celebration extra special and memorable. Add this party game to your table decorations or host a virtual Valentine's Day celebration - either way, you'll be sure to have lots of fun!

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  13. Valentine’s Day Activities Bundle
  14. Valentine’s Day Activities Bundle

    Who says this Valentine's Day has to be boring? With thisr Valentine's Day Activities Bundle, you'll have everything you need to make the occasion an unforgettable one! This bundle contains 150 sheets of printable games and activities so that your guests can enjoy themselves. Each sheet is crafted with a unique design, featuring classic Valentine's Day elements like hearts, cupids, dwarves, and arrows. And don't worry about size – each sheet measures 5.5 x 7.9 inches!

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  15. Movie Love Quotes Game
  16. Movie Love Quotes Game

    This Valentine's Day, set the mood with a romantic game inspired by all your favorite films. With Valentine's Day Movie Quotes, you can put your knowledge and love of various romantic films to the test in this fun and engaging game. Perfect for couples or even friends and co-workers, this downloadable PDF file gives you an easy way to connect with your loved ones over some of your favorite movie quotes. Play competitively or as a team, it doesn't matter; as long as you both enjoy some of cinema’s greatest love stories together. It’s time to prove who knows about movies the most this Valentine's Day; so gather up your people and let the competition begin.

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  17. Romantic Games Bundle
  18. Romantic Games Bundle

    These fun and unique printable games range from the Bridal Quiz and Who Am I, to Ever Or Never and What’s On Your Phone. With this bundle of five high resolution PDF files, all formatted for both print shop or easy home printing (two per page on standard 8.5x11 inch size pages), you can add an extra spark of romance and get the creative juices flowing with your closest friends. Plus, with detailed instructions on how to open .zip files provided, it'll be nothing but lovey dovey fun included in this package!

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  19. Movie Emoji Pictionary
  20. Movie Emoji Pictionary

    This is the perfect way to get your family and friends involved in a fun game full of laughing, guessing, and friendly competition. Movie Emoji Pictionary consists of an easy-to-follow downloadable PDF along with an answer key that you can use while printing it out. This interactive game is perfect for Mother's Day or any other special occasion. It's sure to keep you entertained while featuring some of the most iconic movies of all time. If your family loves to watch movies together, then you will love playing this thrilling game where players have to guess which movie title belongs by looking at the clues on their cards. 

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People Also Ask These Questions About Valentine’s Day Printable Games and Activities

Q: What are some fun Valentine’s Day printable games and activities?

  • There are plenty of fun Valentine’s Day printable games and activities, including but not limited to word searches, question games, emoji pictionary games, and much more.

Q: Are there any good DIY Valentine’s Day printable games and activities?

  • Yes, there are some good DIY Valentine’s Day printable games and activities. You could take the time to design your own printable games; however, it’s often easier and a little more rewarding to simply purchase, download, and print a playable activity.

Q: What are some good Valentine’s Day activities to play with friends or to celebrate Galentine’s Day?

  • Some good Valentine’s Day activities to play with friends or to use in celebrations of Galentine’s Day can range from spicy printable question games to love-themed trivia activities. But you can always set up a group texting to figure out exactly what your Valentine’s crew wants to play!