Why Way Better Snacks Chips Taste Way Better!

Way Better Snacks

The wonderful folks from Way Better Snacks recently sent me a few varieties of their sprouted ingredient chips to review. Sprouted chips, you ask? Yes – these awesome chips are from sprouted ingredients and germinated – meaning that vitamins and minerals are more bio-available for your body! And that means healthy, especially since they are made with 100% whole grains 🙂 And an added bonus? They are also gluten-free!

When I got my package, I saw that they have several flavors: Simply Sunny Multi-Grain, Simply Sweeet Potato, Simply Unbeatable Blues, Simply Beyond Black Bean, Simply So Sweet Chili, and No Salt Naked Blues. Being a southern-stuck-in-a-city-girl’s body, I immediately dug into the Simply Sweeet Potato Chips and oh my goodness… I had to put the bag down, I couldn’t get enough! I then opened the Simply Beyond Black Bean Chips (again, southern gal here), and the same thing happened – they were so hard to put down. I seriously believe that I’d go through a bag in one sitting!

These chips don’t “taste” like what you think an organic, natural chip would – bland. In fact, they were anything but. They are delicious and full of flavor, with just the right amount of salty without being overly saturated with sodium. According to Way Better Snacks, their sprouted and germinated ingredients make these chips more easily digestable, with an increase in nutrient absorption and antioxidants. No need to feel guilty popping open a bag and digging in – these aren’t your grandma’s potato chips!

To be truthful, I probably wouldn’t buy any other chips, like Doritos or Lay’s … I’m a convert. Way Better (all the way)! Hopefully the Commissary will start carrying these, soon, I’d love to see these on the shelves there instead of driving 30 minutes to Whole Foods or whatnot. But for now, we can find the following stores that carry Way Better Snacks Chips here: http://www.gowaybetter.com/store-locator/

Also, be sure to check out Way Better Snacks on Facebook! And, if you’ve tried them yourself, leave a comment letting us know how you liked them!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post; rather given samples to review. All opinions expressed herein are those of myself.

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